Saturday, November 26, 2011

feeling desperate again

The seizures won't stop.

We've added back another medication.
We've made sure we are measuring every meal to the exact gram (not even a 1/10th over or under).
We are making sure he is eating it all - even drinking the leftover butter from the tiny bit of popcorn he got last night.

But they won't stop - we just had to give Diastat as a rescue med a few minutes ago.

The seizures are hard enough to deal with, but then when he wakes up I feel like I am punishing him by not giving him enough food and forcing him to eat things he hates.  The diet is so hard that the only motivation to keep going is the hope of becoming seizure free.

Please pray that God will help these seizures stop and for encouragement for us.  We need wisdom and peace; Ben needs a complete healing.


  1. We are certainly praying. Love you.

  2. Oh, Laurie! I am so very sorry that all of this is happening. I continue to pray for healing and for wisdom and strength for you all. These are desperate times. Hold on to your God and your family. Keep trusting and believing. I know it is crazy hard sometimes to do that, but I continue to pray for that too.

    God is our refuge and strength, A very present help in trouble.
    - Psalm 46:1

    It pains, hurts and it even drowns us in the thought 'How could this ever happen?' And at times we even muster courage to question the Lord, and fail to realise that the Almighty is in perfect control. Patience and peace may all seem strange words in such circumstances. These are really the testing times for all the claim in Him and even our basic Faith. All we need to do is to cling on to Him and seek His grace. Our God is good and gracious He will definitely deliver and strengthen you, do not lose hope, say these prayers with us and experience the turnaround in your life.

  3. Father, You see how sweet Ben is suffering. God You are his healer & his ever present help in time of need. Father touch Ben's body & restore his body to perfect health. Give his parents wisdom & renew their strength. God we as Your people are crying out on behalf of Ben. Your word says that where 2 or more are gathered that You are there with them. We are believing for his healing. In Jesus able name, amen.