Friday, November 18, 2011

going home

I'm a little frustrated right now with this whole process.

I discovered a meal that may be more palatable to Ben - a pizza or pancakes using special ingredients, etc.  I asked about trying one of those meals, but they told me that they don't really have the capability for that here in the hospital.  Those are meals that we can try at home.  I told them that we'd like to go home soon then.  I still have to get to the store to find the what I need and then also make the items, so I'm hoping that they will let us get going soon.

We talked with the epilepsy educator and asked her how many patients were Ben's age when they started and she said "Not too many."  She said that they mostly deal with babies (who get a formula like enfamil) or tube fed kids.  So I feel a little like they don't really know what to do either.  Our plan is to try one more meal.  We are going to offer it to him and let him be.  And then hopefully get to go home very soon.  Maybe it'll be easier to figure this out at home.

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  1. Hang in there! You're doing well, even if it doesn't feel like it! Just keep going with the plan as God reveals it to you. We only get enough info to take the next step. I am believing with you and also asking God to increase your faith and sent his plan in easy to understand packages. I always ask or a brick! Konk me over the head, Lord!

    Much love,