Friday, November 4, 2011

The helmet

It looks like Ben will have to start wearing the helmet again.

Ben's had over 30 myoclonic and drop seizures so far today.  They've returned a little different.  There is still a distinct jerk, but they have lasted longer, his arms will stiffen, and his mouth will continue a chewing motion for about 15-20 seconds.  Then when it finally stops, he collapses as if he's completly exhausted.  Then a few minutes later he'll pop back up ready to go.

Speaking of the helmet, we got the bill for it today.  I called the hospital to talk to them and they ran through the details and said that they had "written off $75" (I'm not sure what that means, but we'll take it!)  I continued to ask her a few more questions and she told me how long I had to pay it off and then said, "But I can offer you a 25% discount".  I was completly shocked and said, "Yes, please!"  We are very thankful for this blessing.  Now I should call the hospital to see if they can give us a discount or write off some of the amount from our last two hospital stays!  :)

We have an air mattress that I set up in the living room for Ben to play on tonight and he had a drop seizure while kneeling on it.  He flipped over and landed on his back.  As soon as it stopped he said, "Well at least I was on the bed!"  He has such a positive attitude!

We are praying specifically that the seizures will not continue to increase. 

We are praising God for a financial blessing and for giving us Ben - he is our joy!

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