Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Keto Diet Day 3

As you've read in previous entries, today has been challenging.

BUT, it's not ending that way.  :)

Ben just ate a very successful 3:1 ratio meal.  It included about 12 pepperoni slices in canola oil, 15 mls of whipping cream, and 6 peanuts.  He seemed to enjoy it and the amount of cream was just enough - he drank it with a little coaxing and he didn't gag.  He will repeat this same meal again for breakfast and then we'll go from there.

We are thanking God for:
  1. a successful meal and a little burst of energy in Ben
  2. a financial blessing
  3. love and support of friends and family
  4. His peace 
We are praying:
  1. that breakfast will be as successful as dinner was tonight
  2. that Ben's blood sugar will not drop
  3. that we will discover more food combinations that will interest Ben
  4. that today's seizure will have been his last
Thanks for joining us on this journey.


  1. How grateful I am that you can end the day with hope! Thank you, Lord. Build up, Benny's body, help it to cooperate with the diet for maximum benefit and speed his healing, Lord!


  2. I'm so encouraged for you! Still praying!

  3. Nice to see this day ended on a better note. We are praying fr your specific requests...keep posting them, please!

    Much love,