Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ketogenic Diet Day 4

Ben's blood sugar dropped again this morning, so we had to give him a sip of apple juice and then test again.  Before he woke up, he had another grand mal (tonic clonic) seizure.

He ate another pepperoni meal for breakfast and I underestimated how much food it was in my last entry.  It's actually about 16 pepperonis and about 9 peanuts and 15 ml of cream and 5 mls of oil which we pour over the pepperoni.  He ate it, but needed a little more coaxing to get it down, but he did it!  This morning was his first successful breakfast experience.

 Lunch was a repeat of breakfast as the dietitian was busy trying to get some other recipes together.  Later on I was able to work with her to create some more meals.  This is going to take some time.  When I see the recipe on paper, it looks fine.  But then when I go to create it and actually see how much oil and butter he needs to consume, it's frustrating.  Tonight's dinner had some chicken swimming in oil and butter and pepperoni that was swimming in the oil as well.  It was not very palatable for him and he didn't consume all of the left over oil in the bottom of the dish of pepperoni or chicken.  This will be a problem as we go along - it will make his ratio off which over time would knock him out of ketosis.  But we will count tonight as a success because he tried his very best and he didn't throw up. 

 In fact, today was the first day that he ate all 3 meals.  This is great news.  :)  I'm just at a loss for how to get the fat into the diet.  It's a lot of fat and all the yummy carbs we usually enjoy our fats on are gone (like bread, crackers, potatoes, etc).  We are going to try whipping the cream in the morning to see if we can get him to enjoy the cream more.  If he will consume more cream, we can cut back on the oil and butter. 

We met with the doctor and he decided that we needed to be here until tomorrow.  We need his blood sugars to stabilize and for him to tolerate the diet before we can go home.  Today was a huge step in the right direction as he ate all 3 meals.  He told us that in about a week, we will need to increase the ratio to 3.5:1.  This means adding even more fat into the diet.

Ben asked a few minutes ago, "When we go home can we go to Taco Bonos (Bueno)?"  When we told him that we won't be going there again for a very long time, he cried.  I think going home will be a big adjustment as he learns that this eating plan doesn't only happen at the hospital.

We are thanking God:
  1. that Ben ate all 3 meals and kept them down
  2. he was able to go for a walk outside today
  3. for a patient dietitian
  4. for support from family and friends - your notes, comments, and prayers really keep us going
We are praying specifically:
  1. that Ben will acquire a love for whipping cream
  2. that I will be able to find the right combination of foods that he will like and that fit into the ratio
  3. that Leeon and I will be able to help Ben eat.  When he is refusing, we need ideas that will make it fun.  We also need to know at what point do we use tough love and have him wait until the next meal and when do we keep pushing.
  4. that we will have peace.  We know this is the right thing, but it's difficult.
Here is a picture of Ben outside today on our walk.

Thank you for being so encouraging.  We are going to beat this thing!


  1. So grateful for the good news today! Your diligence is paying off! Thank you,, Father, for the strength you give the Juarezes.

    Laurie, I know that you two will be able to find new meals for Ben, and I believe the Holy Spirit will guide you in parenting him in this new phase. You already have all you need. God has already prepared your way! Keep walking, keep trusting! And don't expect perfection--your best and His best are all you need.

    You said before that you needed to focus only on the now and not on the future. That is such good advice. Just one meal at a time...maybe even one hour at a time, and soon it will be second nature. You are smart, prepared, and loving parents. You can do this!

    The praise reports for this time in your family's life will truly be a testimony. but that's the an outsider, I can already see the light!

    Much love,

  2. P.s. I know this sounds weird, but there is a recipe for " farmer's soda" that is fruit flavored diet soda--like orange or grape-- mixed with whipping cream. Don't know if he can consume diet soda...even a little. Just a thought.

  3. What an adorable little guy....our prayers are with you and we are believing that this is the turn around that you need....and he will adjust to this very difficult diet..and you as parents will have all that you need when you need it from the Lord...pray that God will give insight and knowledge in his meals...praying and believing....M Crockett....KVAG-Chelsea

  4. Thanks for the updates Laurie. We love your little guy so much. Aww his smile, always warms my heart. We're praying every night for him.