Friday, November 18, 2011

Ketogenic Diet Day 5

Today started out rough and was very overwhelming at times; there were many tears shed.  This is how he looked while trying to eat breakfast.  He eventually fell asleep in the chair and we moved him back to his bed and he slept for 2 hours.

We tried to feed him at lunch, but he refused all but the 5 pieces of pear.  His blood sugar was low so we were happy that he ate the little that he did.  Then we just waited to get discharged.  He was ready to go home!

Getting a welcome hug from his little cousin!
I spent about 1 1/2 hours in various stores trying to find all of the necessary ingredients for the next few meals.  Each time I turned the car on, there was a song that just jumped up to grab me!  One time it was a song talking about not being strong enough to handle a situation but knowing that God would be there to help.  Another was a song about what if these trials we face are really blessings in disguise.  The next time it was a song about giving our worries to the Lord.  And then the last time I got in the car to head home, I turned the radio on and it was a sermon and the man was talking about healing!  I don't even know all that he said, but I just sat there for a moment and thanked God for speaking to me when I was feeling completely overwhelmed by the challenge of the day.

My best friend, Angie came over to help me and she was a life saver!  Together we measured and weighed and made a giant mess to create this masterpiece:

This is a pizza using a power called KetoCal.  This is an entire 3:1 ratio meal.  This means that each bite is perfectly balanced as part of the ratio.  The other meals we have been using at the hospital are also 3:1 ratios, but you have to eat the ENTIRE meal in order to stay in ratio.  So this afternoon when he only ate the few pears, he did not stay in ratio.  I thought this would be better because we wouldn't have to try to get him to eat an entire meal, as long as he ate a bite he would still be in ratio.  Now of course, he would need to eat the entire thing to get his necessary caloric intake, but at least we wouldn't have to battle each bite.

The sauce was actually very tasty, the crust had a strange consistency and an odd taste, but he LOVED it!  He ate the entire thing and wanted more!  I couldn't give him more, but my baby ate an entire meal and enjoyed it!  :)

So tomorrow the challenge begins.  The challenge to find meals that will work.  I also need to find a system that works to make it as efficient as possible.  One day I hope to be as good as this mom:

Thank you for praying!  If Ben will start to enjoy the cream and butter, we will have many more options open to us for meals. 

Tomorrow we will wake up in our own beds! That right there is a blessing in itself. :)


  1. So proud of you. I can't imagine being on your journey. Praise God for His gophers and encouragement, and congratulations to you, Leeon and Ben for taking each step! And contests on the lovely and perfect pizza!

  2. When he ate the pizza and asked for more, I could have cried tears of joy!! Thank you, Jesus, for a tasty meal for Ben!! You can do this, Laurie. I hope breakfast goes just as well as dinner last night! Love you!