Friday, November 25, 2011

more of the same

Things are pretty much the same...Ben had only 1 tonic clonic seizure yesterday, but has had 2 today.  We've added clonazapam back into his medicine routine.  It doesn't seem to be...

and just like that another seizure.  He was napping on the couch and had another long tonic clonic seizure.  That makes 3 today.

The clonazapam doesn't seem to be helping much, but sometimes these things take time.  We are growing more concerned about his speech.  With all of these seizures, it's becoming more difficult to understand what he is saying.  We've seen it clear up (when we had those seizure free days while we are trying clobazam) before, and we are praying that the seizures aren't causing any permanent damage.

We are still thanking God that Ben is eating better each day and we are praying that the seizures will stop.

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