Monday, December 5, 2011


"May the God of hope
 fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him,
 so that you may overflow with hope
 by the power of the Holy Spirit."  Romans 15:13

My brother, Brian texted this scripture to me back in August and it has resonated with me throughout this journey. 

Hope is a powerful thing.
It helps you to persevere when times are troubling and the doctors can't give you many answers.
It allows your mind to be filled with joy and peace rather than drown in the fear of the unknown.
Sometimes it is given supernaturally as you choose to trust in Him.

There have been many moments when I have completely fallen apart (just ask my parents or Angie).  But at some of those worst moments, "the God of Hope", well He was right there offering joy and peace.

 It is with great joy that we announce that Ben has had his first seizure free day while on this diet!He has not had ANY noticeable seizure activity today!  Not even shaky hands!  We are overjoyed!  We are hopeful that this is just the beginning of greater things to come for him. 

We are also filled with such joy at the turn out at Chick-fil-A tonight.  Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude.  We sat in the car for a few minutes just overwhelmed by the number of cars in the parking lot and in the drive thru lane.  I'm sitting here now thinking of all the people I got to hug and visit - all from different aspects of my life.  This is a rare opportunity to have so many of your loved ones in one building and I'm so thankful!  I know we didn't get to see everyone and I wish I could have just stayed there all day just talking with each of you. 

Many of you asked for Ben and we still felt it was too early to take him to one of his most favorite restauants.  We told him how much he is loved and he just smiled.  This journey is far from over for him.  This diet is labor intensive and at times inconvenient for us, but it's hard for him and on him.  He has a long road ahead of him.  We are praying continually that he won't experience the long term effects that so many of these Doose kids have to live with.  But we are also filled with hope as we look towards the future.  He has made great progress in the past few days!

I have to take a minute to encourage you.  I know that today some of you came to show your support for us, but you are in the midst of your own crisis.  I don't know what you are going through, but I want to offer you HOPE tonight.  God loves you so very much and He desires to carry you through the storm.  It doesn't mean that your storm will end, but you will be given the grace to sustain it.  Be encouraged tonight that there is hope.  My prayer for you is that

the God of hope
 will fill you with joy and peace
 as you trust in Him,
 so that you may
 overflow with hope.


  1. You are such an inspiration to me and to everyone else who knows you. We are celebrating this "First Seizure Free Day" over here at our house and we are praying and believing that this is only the beginning! Love you!

  2. God is good, and all the time He's good!

    What beautiful timing for Ben's first eizure free day on the diet. PTL!

    With faith, *hope* and love,
    ~Amy Jensen (my other profile would not work tonight)