Monday, January 30, 2012

medication sorter

Lesson learned:  close each tab on the medicine sorter individually. 

When trying to close them all at once by pushing on the entire container can result in a slight disaster. 


Ben is still doing great! 
His last seizure was January 6, 2012.  Wow!  :)  :)  :)


  1. Laurie, that is GREAT news! Praying for him to continue healing. Love you!

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  3. Praising God for victory.. I take several herbs and I got tired of taking I make a drink and put them in the blender and pulverize them...they are easier to take and you digest them better...not sure that is something you can do or not...just my experience...Margaret in Maine...Still praying and believing...

  4. I am rejoicing with you guys for his seizure free month! God is so faithful. Always know we have the lower part of New England covered for Ben's prayers since your parents have the upper portion. Sure do love you all!