Sunday, January 15, 2012

"not another moment lost to seizures"

"Not another moment lost to seizures."

This is the motto of the Epilepsy Foundation.  This foundation provides numerous services to adults and children struggling with epilepsy.   One of the most shocking statistics that I've read is that as many people die from the complications of seizures as do from breast cancer.  And despite all of the new therapies, about 1 million people continue to experience seizures or significant side effects from treatment.

We don't want Ben to lose another moment to seizure activity.  But we also don't want him to have to continue losing moments to side effects of the numerous meds he is on or the time spent on weighing keto foods. 

We would like to announce our participation in the 2012 DFW Stroll for Epilepsy

This is a family friendly event that will take place at the Dallas Zoo.  It is not a run or even a walk.  It's a stroll.  :)   There will be special activities set up and you are able to casually walk around the zoo.

Here's a video of a stroll that took place in Detroit:

Here are the details:

When?  Saturday, March 31st (Registration starts at 7:30 and the officicial kick-off is at 8:45)
Where?  The Dallas Zoo
What? a minimum of $25 will ensure your entrance fee to the zoo as well as a t-shirt provided by the epilepsy foundation; $7 parking fee
Why?  to raise awareness and funds to help those with epilepsy

Are you interested?

Click here to join our team!  You can participate by walking or make an online donation to our team's efforts. 

If you have questions, email me at

Thank you for making a difference.

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