Friday, January 13, 2012


I took Ben to visit the ophthamologist today.  I wasn't thrilled with the practice, but liked the doctor a lot.  They must have been completely overbooked, but it was hot and crowded in the waiting room and we waited for over an hour before we even got back to see the nurse.

But once we got back and met the doctor, everything was fine.

They gave him a vision test and dilated his pupils. 

He did really well through the whole thing. 

They were checking for deterioration in his retina.  They found nothing!  We were confident that this is what would be discovered, but it felt great to hear it. 

I asked for some more clarification and the doctor said that if there were a disorder related to the seizures we would probably have already seen some deteroriation by this point.  We will go back in year to re-check everything, but he said that he has little or no suspiscion that there could be a bigger problem developing.


Did I also mention that he is still seizure free?  Today is day 7!

source: pinterest


  1. I know you had to give a big sigh of relief with that good report! And, YAY for seizure free days! I'm very thankful and still praying!!

  2. Yay!! That's great news and I love the pics!! He looks great :)

  3. So happy for good news! What sweet pictures, he is a handsome little guy.

  4. Yeah yeah yeah! I just told the kids and they cheered :) So happy for you guys!