Monday, February 27, 2012

cheese crackers...keto style

I've been playing with a new recipe the past few days trying to get it to consistently work. 

It's not going so well.

Tonight, as I was frustrated, Ben asked me what was wrong and I told him that the crackers weren't working too well.  He said, "That's ok mom.  I still love you."


Here's a look at this recipe:

18 grams of ground macadamia nuts
4.5 grams of shredded cheddar cheese
3 grams egg white
pinch of salt

The whole recipe contains 152 calories at a 4:1 ratio.  So I have to divide the total recipe into 3 snacks to meet Ben's requirement.  Then I can lower the ratio by adding a tiny bit of fruit.  However I can only add 3 grams of a 15% fruit, like grapes.  But one typical green grape weighs about 9 grams so it's not much!

The cookbook portrays these crackers as little darling crunchy bits of goodness...

Simply mix the ingredients together! 

Drop 'dime' size amounts onto parchment paper.  They expand a lot while cooking - these started as dime sized.

Look at the holes!  I couldn't even get it off the paper without it crumbling apart.

So I tried again in the silicone mini cupcake holder.

They fared much better this time and Ben really enjoyed the flavor!  They were still very delicate.  They would fall apart in your hands if you handled them too much.  Not very cracker like.

Tonight I tried again and....
crumbly...I couldn't even get them out of the pan.

So I tried again but this time tried to make only 3 big ones instead.  These were really bad!

I made one last attempt using these adorable silicone cups that my friend Angie bought me.

They seemed to hold together better but they are very soggy.  :(

I went back to the ketogenic calculator to see what else I could figure and it turns out that he can have 6 grams of macadamia nuts (about 4 halves) and 3 grams of cheese (a tiny mouse sized nibble).  Maybe he'll just like that better.  Especially since these crackers taste like the nuts mostly anyway.

I wonder if I'm supposed to beat the egg whites into stiff peaks.  The recipe doesn't call for that, but maybe I should try again.

I also want to just praise God for a few things:
  • Ben is still seizure free!
  • He has had no adverse reactions to the US version of clobazam.
  • He has had blood draws every two weeks and everything continues to look good.
  • Aside from the lingering speech issues, he is doing great!  I almost wouldn't believe that the past 6 months even happened if I had not lived through it.  The difference is that remarkable.
Of course, we are still praying:
  • that Ben will continue to experience freedom from seizures forever.
  • Ben is really struggling with insomnia.  He goes to sleep just fine, but is awake every night for a few hours.  We are pretty sure it's a side effect of the meds.
  • a cure for Doose.  We are so blessed with our team for Ben.  There are some doctors that refuse to use felbatol (Ben's newest drug) because of all of the potential serious side effects.  Others that won't use the diet for years.  I'm amazed at some of the stories I keep reading from other moms around the world struggling to find a cure for their baby.
  • for Ethan and the others who have yet to find seizure heart is so heavy for them.


  1. I was just looking to try this one! Good to know how it turns out.
    I wish we lived closer so we could try these things together. :)
    Have you tried the Cheese bread? If he likes the pizza he may like the bread. (almond flour, egg, macadamia nuts, cheddar, parmesan, olive oil, and we add MCT oil) Ethan really likes it.

  2. Continuing in prayer and so thankful for these wonderful. God is good!

  3. praising God for His goodness! Proud of you for all of your keto cooking!

  4. I just bought some cheese crackers from a Low Carb grocery store. I was eating them with goat cheese spread on top. I found them very delicate and those are commercially made ones. I think that's a problem you're going to have no matter what. We make our taco shells, we only use grated cheese, not sure if you need the other things in the recipe but perhaps you should try just cheese.