Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sugar cookies...keto style

Every Saturday, I make 12 cookies, 5 pizzas, and 7 days worth of pancakes.  It usually takes me about 3-4 hours to get it all done, but it helps the week run smoothly. 

Ben can have two, 50 calorie snacks a day. I found this recipe early on in our keto journey and he has loved it ever since. He eats one cookie every afternoon.  Here's a closer look at the cookies.

Basic "Sugar" Cookies (from The Keto Cookbook)
5.5 g Coconut Flour
10 g raw egg, mixed well
8 g Coconut Oil
7 g European-style butter
2 g Truvia
4 drops of Bickford's vanilla flavor

 Coconut flour.
 Add egg.

Melt the coconut oil and butter together.

Mix together and bake for 12 minutes.

They are about the size of a vanilla wafer - but they are very soft and extremely moist.  I can only taste coconut (which I don't like), but Ben loves them!

This recipe was very confusing at first because it doesn't break down how much each cookie should weigh.  It merely says to divide the batter into 3 silicone baking cups or 6 mini cups.  I wasn't sure if I was using the regular or mini pan, so I looked online to discover I had the mini pan.  So when I had quadrupled the recipe, my mind was quickly overwhelmed about how to figure out the calories.  I had quadrupled the recipe but was making only 12 cookies - at first I thought I had to make 24.  But thank goodness for my dad!  :)  He walked me through it - just like in the good old days when I was a third grader and couldn't solve a story problem to save my life!  Basically, if I had made 24 cookies, he could have two, but since I only made 12, he just has one.  I'm very thankful for a recipe that he loves (and I try not to think about it mathematically too much because I still get confused).  :)

Every night at dinner he asks, "Can I have pancakes in the morning?"  And the answer is always yes.  He's had the same macadamia nut pancakes every morning for at least 2 months.  He loves them.  Every night before bed, his last words are, "See you in the morning with the pancakes!" 

I love his optimism.

We are still enjoying seizure free days.  Today, we raised the training wheels on his bike...went for a walk...played at the park...and enjoyed every minute of regular. 

We are continuing to trust in His plans believing that they are good and true. We don't know what the future holds, so we remain focused on today and focused on Him.

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  1. Ethan LOVES those cookies. We just discovered them. :) However I am not good at the multiplying part. I have only ever made one meal at a time. I am no sure that I understand how to do that. :)
    Our Saturdays sound so similar: Pancakes, Pizzas, and cookies. :)
    Let me know if you have any other meals that he loves, we are always looking for new ones.
    Oh and did I tell you today we are on day 28?!!! So excited. That is the longest he has gone without a TC.