Sunday, March 4, 2012

white blood cell count

We take Ben every 2 weeks for blood work - mostly because of the newest med, felbatol.

The last time we took him in was Wednesday, Feb. 29th.  I talked with the doctor that day and she said that the results came back from his previous draw and it showed a drop in his white blood cell count.  The notes that the doctor left were that we would watch the see what the next round of testing said before we made any decisions.

From what little information I have, I think his count is still in the normal range - but at the absolute bottom of that range.  I didn't even ask a lot of questions because I didn't want to even acknowledge that things could be not so perfect.  Of all the drugs we have tried, felbatol has been the riskiest.  There are some doctors that never try it.  We had to sign a waiver just to get him on it.

I'm concerned.

It's not good for the blood count to be low.  But my bigger concern is what if we have to wean him off of felbatol, what will that do to his seizure control?

I didn't even blog about this earlier but I'm asking for your prayers.  I can feel the anxiety raising within me as we get closer to Monday.  I'm going to call to see if by chance the results are in. 

My heart sunk when the nurse told me about his level because it was a reminder of this battle we are fighting.  But we are going to keep fighting.

Please pray that:
  • his white blood cell count will maintain or even raise
  • that his seizure control will be maintained
  • for our hearts and minds to be filled with peace - we have to focus on right now, not the what if's
Thank you for praying and believing with us.

Our God is greater!


  1. We are definitely standing with you. We love you guys.

  2. I've just prayed specifically that Ben's white blood cell count will be in the normal range; I've thanked God for the seizure-free days and asked that all of his days will be that way; I've asked the Lord to multiply peace to your hearts and household as you continue fighting this battle. God is on the throne. We had a wonderful message about just this at church this morning. God is sovereign and I thank Him that we can rely on, and have confidence in, His care and provision.

    Big hugs!

  3. Yes our God is greater! Thanks for stopping by our blog. I think it helps to find others on this road. Will keep you all in my prayers. Blessings,

  4. We're praying!! Love you guys!

  5. A blessing over you Laurie,

    In the name of Jesus I bless you with freedom from stress and worldly care. Depression, frustration, and nervous anxiety over your life are cursed forever. You will be able to face the events of your life with peace if mind and an inner joy that will dispel all negative emotions.
    You will glorify God by keeping His commandments not to worry about anything. Instead, you will pray about everything, telling Him your needs and thanking Him for the answers. You are blessed with a free spirit that is unaffected by worry.
    Matthew 6:25-34; John 14:27; Philippians 4:6-7;
    1 Peter 5:7