Thursday, April 12, 2012

HOPEful words from my little guy

The other night, I had this conversation with Ben:

Ben:  I can't wait to go to kindergarten!
Me:  I know, it's going to be so much fun!

Ben:  I'm gonna eat in the cafeteria.
Me:  Yes.

Ben:  I'm going to wait in line and get my food.
Me:  Well, that food is not on your list.  You will bring other food to eat.
Ben:  Oh....{silence}

Ben:  Well, one day when God heals me - then I will get to wait in that line and eat that food!
Me:  Yes Ben, that is exactly right!

I love his optimism. 
I love that he just keeps trying.
I love that he chooses to focus on the positive.
I love that he has HOPE.


  1. So awesome!! You should let him take a look at that food sometime and he'll be pumped about having to bring his own :) I love what kids get excited about!!

  2. That is so sweet. That positive attitude and good spirit must have been modeled for him quite a bit. Way to go, Mom and Dad! :)