Sunday, May 20, 2012

being vigilant

This afternoon, I came home from the grocery store with a *new* item. 

Diced pears packed in water.

We used these in the hospital and when we first started the diet but I haven't purchased them in a long time.  Ben was beyond excited to see them again.  He instantly wanted to have some, but it wasn't time to eat.

Later on, I discovered that he had gone into the fridge, opened the pears and had even taken a bite.  Augghhh!  I have absolutely no idea how much he ate.  I estimated and then measured some cream for him to drink to try to balance it out.

He was very angry.  He wanted to eat the entire little container like he used to be able to.  I talked him through how his magic diet is hard, but that he is so good at doing hard things.  He cried and then begged me to let him eat the whole thing with his dinner.  I kept telling him that he would never be able to eat the whole container while on this diet.  He kept responding, "But what about with my dinner?"  Eventually he just calmed down and let it go.  He will get to have some tonight with his tortilla chips and hopefully by then he will have forgotten about how much he can't have and be able to focus on how much he can have.

This is alarming because it's the first time he's ever 'cheated'.  This is the first time he has ever eaten something without permission.  {or is it...yikes.}

I guess I was getting complacent to the fact that he would always make a good choice and turn food away that he can't have.  It just shows that we need to continue to be vigilant. 

On a positive note, he has wanted to take a more active role in helping prepare his meals.  He loves to measure everything.  Here's a picture of him helping to flip the pancakes - his all time favorite meal.

He's standing on a stool helping with his macadamia nut pancakes. 
No worries - I was standing with him the entire time.  I only backed away to take this picture.  :)

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