Thursday, May 3, 2012


I think we are finally getting used to the idea that Ben has found a workable solution to his epilepsy.  We don't seem to be holding our breath as much as before.  There are still moments when my heart literally stops when he makes an all too familiar sound or a particular look on his face appears, but thankfully it turns out to be nothing. 

It's just a little boy being a little boy.

My focus for this month is peace.  I want His peace to be prevalent in my life.  I don't want to live with a troubled and heavy heart.  I don't want to live in fear of the unknown or of the worst case scenarios.  The only solution is His peace.  I believe that He is offering the solution - maybe not the exact answer to my question - but the solution to finding rest for my heart and mind. 

His peace.


  1. May Peace, His wonderful peace flow in abundance over you and your family in a special way...