Sunday, June 10, 2012

Donuts {keto style}

I saw this recipe on the ketocook website and I knew I had to try it!  After all, who doesn't love a good donut? 

Here's the recipe:
42 g raw egg, mixed well
19 g macadamia nut, ground into butter
10 g coconut oil, melted
a few drops of liquid sweetner
a sprinkle of cinnamon

Mix all ingredients and pour into the mini donut maker.

Each donut has about 40 calories and is at a complete ratio.  These are a perfect snack or he could eat more and make a meal of it.  Ben liked them a lot - I think because they taste almost exactly like his beloved pancakes.  To me, it tasted like eating the egg portion only of a breakfast sandwhich.  It had the texture of cooked eggs and that was the only flavor I could really detect.

But we can add one more thing to our reperotoire of meal ideas!  I'm thinking this would be a perfect meal for lunch.  It's portable and he'd probably be the only kid who gets to eat donuts for lunch!  :)


  1. I get so excited when you find a new dish he likes! I can't imagine having such a small amount of meals to feed a young kiddo - their tastes change daily! You are doing a FABULOUS job with this diet! And I vote to always take something like that out and about - he deserves to be the kid with the cool looking meal (make the other kids drool at the thought of donuts for lunch) Cause I am sure he's had to watch others eat some of his favs! -Patti

  2. Hi Laurie, It's Dawn M (not sure if this will show up anonymous) I wanted to pass on a cooking tip for the doughnuts. Cook them for a lot longer than you think you need to. This will help the moisture from the egg dry out, and they will stay fluffier and not be so egg-y. I am going to say at least 5 minutes in the doughnut maker, maybe even longer. I've never burned any and I have cooked some for a long time!. Also, a few drops of vanilla extract works very well.
    Great job on documenting your journey through your blog! I hope that Ben is doing better with eating as well.