Thursday, June 21, 2012

macaroni & cheese {keto style}

My friend, Angie has been encouraging me to try spaghetti squash and I finally remembered to pick one up from the store. 

I added A LOT of butter and a few grams of cheese and called it 'macaroni and cheese'!

I started with a small amount to see if he would like it.  He LOVED it!  Because I made such a small amount, he was allowed 'seconds' - a rare opportunity on the keto diet.



  1. Yay! Love the success stories! :)

    I used to also sometimes make Jade "noodles" out of strips of zucchinni. And we sometimes buy "Miracle Noodles", but you have to be careful not to calculate too much. Jade's little tummy was bursting the first time I tried. Whoops!