Monday, June 25, 2012

Strawberry Yogurt {keto style}

I tried another recipe - strawberry yogurt.

Here are the ingredients:

57 g brown cow, plain, cream top
22 g cream
9 g canola oil
24 g strawberry (or other 10% fruit)

I found the yogurt at Central Market, but was happy to see it here locally just the other day.  Unfortunately, it was NOT a hit with Ben.  With all of the added cream and oil, it had a slimy, filmy aftertaste.  I added a packet of truvia and it tasted better, but he still gagged when I made him try it again.

If he were to eat all of this, it still does not have enough fat so he'd have to eat 10 g of macadamia nuts and drink 30 g of cream to get to the correct ratio.  Since drinking cream is not his favorite, I'm not sure I'll be in a hurry to try this again - unless he asks for it.


  1. What if you whip the cream before adding it? That would make it more voluminous (good thing or bad?) but would make the texture better, I think.

    One of my suggestions that disappeared the other day is to get rid of cream. Jade hated it, too, and it uses up precious carbs. You can mix oil (using a milk frother) into regular milk, Almond Breeze, or canned coconut milk. (I'm guessing he wouldn't love coconut milk, if he doesn't like coconut oil.) But oil in almond milk is surprisingly edible tasty. :) There's coconut milk in cartons now, too, in the milk section of our grocery store. That's another option.

    Jade used to get a lot of stomach aches, too. She still gets them occasionally. I give her a "boo-boo bag" (a warming bag - mines homemade with rice and salt in it, heated in the microwave) and that seems to make things better.

  2. BTW, I tried to e-mail you at the address you left on my blog, but it bounced back to me. I'd love to chat with you by phone. Also, did you hear about the study being done on Doose kids?