Tuesday, July 17, 2012

a heavy heart...

When we first got the Doose diagnosis, I found a blog of another "doosie" living in our general region.  They have a doctor in the same practice and go to the same hospital as us.  When I read through her blog, it kinda gave me comfort knowing that we really weren't alone.

I especially loved reading about this little guy because he was doing so well and had been seizure free for months. 

I just read on the support group last evening that after 18 months, the seizures have returned.

18 months. 

So devastating when we are often told that once you reach 24 months, the chances of the seizures returning are much less.

I can only imagine what they are feeling and the uncertainty surrounding them. 

My heart just aches for this precious family.  I've been praying for them and their little guy all day.  I hesitate to share their names because I'm not sure how much the mom would like to have announced into cyberspace...but God knows their names.  Please join me in prayer for a complete healing, wisdom for the doctors, and for peace to reign in their home.

Pray also for my heart...it's amazing how easily the fear grips my heart and mind.  Ben's health is a miracle and we try to never take that for granted.  I am going back to listen to these messages on being fearless and remind myself of my focus for this month...

I don't understand why, but I know that our lives are in His hands. 

He is trustworthy.
He is faithful.

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