Friday, July 13, 2012

peanut butter crackers {keto style}

I was so excited at the idea of making peanut butter crackers!

The recipe is for almond crackers.

I use 30 grams of almond flour, 20 grams of ground macadamia nuts, 15 grams of olive oil, and 15 grams of egg whites.  Mix together and then flatten on parchment paper.  I used a spatula to create squares about 1 inch big.

Then I weigh out 40 grams worth of the cooked crackers.

To make the peanut butter spread, I melted 2.5 grams of european butter and mixed it in with 5 grams of simply jiff peanut butter. 

Then I put the mixture between two crackers becuase there just really isn't enough to spread on all the crackers. 

I served this meal with 20 grams of whipping cream and it was a success!

He loved it!  Of course, he wanted more peanut butter spread, but overall he loved it! 

I'm hoping this will make a great school lunch.  I have to experiment though to make sure the peanut butter doesn't just get absorbed in the cracker.  I don't think he'd be able to spread the mixture on himself because the crackers are pretty delicate.

I love finding a meal he loves!

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