Tuesday, July 17, 2012

peanut butter sandwhich {keto style}

I made these 'cinnamon rolls' back in February.  They were a hit, but Ben has refused them for the past few months.

I decided to try to use the oopsie rolls (as they are really called) as bread.  It is soft and the texture is similar to regular bread. 

With the success of the peanut butter crackers, I decided to try the butter/peanut butter mixture again.  Unfortunately, this time I knew I would have to use twice as much butter as peanut butter and I was a little concerned.  We had tried this in the hospital and he didn't like it.  But it's been a really long time since he's had peanut butter by itself so I gave it a try.

They came out so good!

It's a huge portion, it doesn't need cream, he gobbled it up and announced,
"Dad, bread is back on my list!"

Since the first time I made it, I decided to take some of the butter out and add macadamia nuts on the side.  This makes the filling much more manageable as the first time he ate it, it was dripping out of the middle and made a HUGE mess.


  1. You are such a blessing to read your posts...I know Ben was so sick and now it is wonderful what is happening....I rejoice everytime I see a new item he can eat...I know a lot of thought and time goes into it....surely your Lord is pleased as well as little Ben...Blessings and strength to you...Margo in Maine KVAG

  2. So happy you have been finding so many new options for him! You are such a great Mom!!!