Wednesday, August 22, 2012

cheese bread and *goldfish* crackers {keto style}

I was so happy to come across these two new recipes!  I found them on the ketocuisine website.  Both of these items are a complete 3.5:1 ratio and they are close to his calorie mark so they are easy to work with.

I enlisted the help of my mom.  I love her.  It can be so frustrating to create a meal only to have him turn his nose to it or hate it after one bite.  My niece and nephews even got in on measuring and baking these meals.  They did a taste test and both recipes passed with flying colors!

Tonight, we joined them for dinner.  Typically, Ben eats his food at the table with us, but struggles a little while we pass around the serving dishes right in front of him.  He isn't allowed one bite of what we are having (at least not served out of the same bowl).  He likes to help serve us, but it can still be frustrating. 

Well, you can imagine his delight tonight when I told him that his cousins and mimi had made some food today that was on HIS list!  And that it was on the table ready to be passed around with all of the other choices!  His cousin Andrew ate some of the crackers along with him and you could just see the joy on his face.  He loved spooning the crackers out of the bowl onto his plate as he sees everyone else do with the rest of the food. 

He LOVED the cheese bread!  He said it tasted like pizza.  It had great texure, great aroma, and looked a lot like the yummy bread we get from one of our favorite restaurants.

The cheese bread is not brand new. I've made it before, but he only ate it a few times. I wanted to try it again because my experience is that the ketocuisine makes everything taste better. I just don't know enough about cooking to really be good at creating my own recipes from scratch.

He wasn't as impressed with the goldfish crackers.  Those took a bit more prodding, but I'm curious if he'd like them better at school.  He didn't dislike them, but he didn't like them as much as he liked the cheese bread.  I need to order a tiny fish cookie cuttter to make them look like the ones his friends will eat at school. 

What a great night! 

Thank you Mom, Emily, Tyler, and Andrew for helping out.  I love you all!


  1. Yahoo for new choices! and for a successful dinner time!

  2. There are so many things I LOVE about this post!!! Miss you all and love you!