Monday, August 13, 2012

soft taco {keto style}

I made Ben his taco meat and tortilla chip meal today for lunch.  You can read about the meal here

This diet is a constant pursuit of finding new things...this used to be a favorite meal, but as most other things he may love it for a little while and then he refuses it.

It's been harder and harder to get him to eat the tortilla chips because he really just wants to eat it without all of the oil on it.  He has wanted to eat it like a soft taco instead of crunchy chips.

Since May, I actually had changed the recipe so that he didn't need to have any cream with it, but I couldn't figure out how to get the ratio to work without all of the oil.

So, at lunch today, he just couldn't bring himself to eat it.  I told him that he could have a whole soft tortilla but he still had to eat the olive oil.  He actually agreed!  So I gave him 27 grams of olive oil by mouth.  I couldn't believe it.  I put it in a syringe and he swallowed it by the mouthful (three times!) and then chased it with some unsweetened iced tea. 

It was great to see him with his soft taco!  He just giggled and giggled as I wrapped it up into a real taco.  My eyes were filled to the brim as I thought about how strong he is.  He constantly amazes me!  What a happy day!

Soft taco at last...

(He was dressed as a real baseball player equip with cleats and sun reflector black paint stuff under his eyes.)


  1. :-) Good days and not-so-good days! He looks so happy to have his soft taco! Go, BEn.

    I still remember that day you talked baout when he went grocery shopping with you and he asked if Doritos were on his list. When you told him they were not he say , "Then I won't even (yook) at them!" What a strong one he is!

  2. Ben is so Brave!! Love the picture!