Saturday, September 29, 2012

cream cheese and butter tortilla {keto style}

Ben wanted cheese and pepperoni (that used to be a staple meal) a few weeks ago.  I reminded him that he would have to drink LOTS of heavy whipping cream with it and he quickly changed his mind.
I played around in the ketocalculator and came up with this meal using a cream cheese and butter mixture inside the tortilla.
We can add this to the failed meals for sure.  Although I love the taste of cream cheese, this guy wasn't impressed at all.  And it still involved a syringe full of oil, so although he got it all down, it won't make its way around again anytime soon.
But maybe if I add cinnamon to the cream cheese...hmmm.... 


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  1. There aren't many days that go by where you don't cross my mind...and my heart. :)
    I LOVE your blog and am so grateful for all of the amazing things the Lord has done for your family.
    You are an amazing woman Laurie!