Sunday, September 2, 2012

granola cereal {keto style}

I was so excited to try this recipe with Ben! 

Jennifer, another keto mom sent me an email with some new recipes and I knew I had to try this one out. I tweaked it just a bit to find the correct ratio for Ben and came up with this:

13 g. crushed dry roasted almonds
18 g. crushed macadamia nuts
9 g. crushed pecans
12 g. unsweetened coconut flakes
3.5 g. truvia

50 g. almond breeze
5 g. water

I mixed together all the dry ingredients into a bowl.

Then I added the almond breeze and water and it looked like cereal! (The water is just there to help the almond breeze go a bit further, you can use that as needed).

I think this cereal is very good. The almond breeze tastes nearly identical to the flavor of 2% milk, but only has 40 calories! I was very hopeful for this meal idea...

When I told Ben he could have cereal, he was so excited and asked, "Is it fruit loops?" I told him no, but I then I showed him how I was eating granola cereal just like him (only mine came from a box). He was hesitant about trying something new.

He smelled it (as he always does now when approaching new foods) and said, "Hey! You put nuts in here!" He was less than thrilled about that since lately he hasn't appreciated the flavor of macadamia nuts as much as in the past.

Another issue he had with it was the 'milk'. We have tried to get him to drink the heavy whipping cream by adding water and a drop or so of liquid sweetener, but he has always hated it. We called it milk and forced it unsuccessfully each time. So, when I told him that he could have milk, his response was, "But mom, you know I don't like milk." His statement is ironic since before keto, his days were filled with sippy cup after sippy cup of milk.

I forced encouraged him to taste one bit and as expected, he said he didn't like it. I need to see if I can lower the amount of macadamia nuts as that was the most dominant flavor, but it's also the highest fat ratio ingredient. I think Jennifer adds oil, so maybe if I try that I can decrease the nuts.

I'm confused about the almond breeze. The label says that is has 3.5 grams of fat, 1 carb, 1 fiber, and 1 protein. Our dietitian allows us to use net carbs so that means that one serving is essentially carb free. So, in my mind this makes the product 3.5 grams of fat per every 1 gram of protein. (3.5:1) But when I tried to use it as a perfect fat source in a few snacks, I couldn't get it to balance correctly. I need to talk with our dietitian about it specifically.

But before I can use it too much, I need to get him to believe that he does like that he'll be willing to give it a chance again.

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