Thursday, October 25, 2012

clarification on the ratio change

We've gotten the official go-ahead to reduce his ratio. 

So here's a look at his new numbers...

- Fat 87.1
- Protein 20.24
- Carb 8.79 (he's been averaging about 11 carbs a day)

Per Meal
- Fat 29.03
- Protein 6.75
- Carb 2.93
We have reduced his calories from 400 calorie meals to 300 calorie meals, but this has been slowly coming for a while now.  It's been a long time since he's finished a 400 calorie meal in one setting.  So it's more like an official change than a realistic one. 
There is still so much I need to learn about this diet.  I remember sitting in the hospital and crying while the dietitian was trying to show me how to use the ketocalculator.  It was so overwhelming to me, we were so fatigued, so desperate for it to work and yet scared to death that it wouldn' was just too much.  When she was trying to show me how to get all 5 areas balanced (fat, protein, carb, calories, and ratio) I just cried.  She told me to take it slow and just focus on ratio and calories. 
Until's like we are starting over again.  But in some ways it feels good.  I've listened to other moms talk about total carbs/protein and I've always wondered if we were doing it correctly.  Knowing that I'm balancing things correctly for his health and not just for seizure control give me confidence.  Lowering the ratio has given me a renewed sense of energy to keep trying new meals, but it can be a frustrating process to get the meals balanced correctly.  It seems as soon as I get one area next to perfect, another area has been messed up.  It reminds me a lot of trying to solve the rubix cube. to fix recipes, I go!


  1. It gets easier, I promise! You'll get to know which foods are higher in one thing or another. For example, I know that raspberries and blackberries are relatively low in carb and high in protein compared to other fruits, so I know there won't be as much meat in a meal if I use this as the carb.

    The balancing of the various components is one of the reasons I keep my meals fairly formulaic and avoid most complex things like baked goods. I pick a protein source (chicken, fish, egg, cold cut, for example), I pick a carbohydrate (usually a fruit), and then I add a smoothie (almond milk + canola oil), and a chunk of coconut oil. 5 ingredients.

    I do have more complicated ones, but this is my standby. The good thing about it is that it means I can let Jade pick what meat and what carb she wants and that way there's no big fuss about what's for dinner.

    Do you do use either Skype or Facebook? I know you sent me your e-mail address before, but if you do use Skype, I'd be happy to sit with you for an hour and work on recipes with you.

  2. Thanks for is nice to get updates as to how Ben is progressing...May the Lord strengthen both you and Ben. I pray a breakthrough soon that things would become easier....His grace as you walk in His challenge and plan. God's blessing to you both...thoughts and prayers are with you from Maine...