Monday, October 15, 2012

ketocuisine bread


I saw this recipe on the ketocuisine website and was anxious to try it.  It has three simple ingredients and I was optimistic that because the ratio was so high (5:1), I would be able to add some turkey and finally give him the turkey sandwhich that he wants so badly.

It's very simple to make, just weigh the ingredients and mix together!

I was suppossed to use a mini loaf pan, but I don't have one, so I split the mixture and put it in these mini ranikin bowls. 

I was shocked when I opened the oven to see that they were giant!!!  As soon as I placed them on my stove and turned around for the camera, they had deflated a lot.

This is what they looked like out of the pans. 
I didn't have any turkey at the exact moment of making these, so I tried the peanut butter/butter mixure.  I think he prefers the peanut butter torilla meal more than this one.  I think the original intent of this recipe is to be used as a pizza crust.  I will have to try to use it as a pizza crust instead.  This bread has a very strong mayo flavor which isn't a favorite of his or mine, so we'll see.

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