Saturday, October 6, 2012

my focus for this month...

Today we are celebrating Ben's last seizure - 9 whole months ago.  wow!

We don't take this for granted - not for one second.  Last night, I felt Leeon literally leap out of the bed.  This alarmed me to my core and I chased after him.  He thought he heard Ben having a seizure.  Thankfully, he wasn't.  He was asleep - he had made his way to the couch in the middle of the night, but he was perfectly asleep.  And so we made our way back to bed, hearts beating out of our chests and thanking God for peaceful sleep.

We don't take this miracle for granted because others are still trying to gain seizure control.  A little guy on the support group has lost seizure control after 1 1/2 years.  The doctors are trying everything. Pray for H and his family as they are making big decisions.

Our little friend Ethan is still trying to find freedom. 

Epilepsy is cruel.

Because even when the seizures stop, there are still repercussions.  This month we have struggled with the adjustment to school.  It's hard to see your child struggle.  I think every parent can understand that statement.

I've blogged before about how comparison is the thief of joy and it is very true.  I've found myself comparing Ben to where he was and where I want him to be with where he is right now. 

It's just hard to see him struggle.  It's hard to know what to do to help. 

I was having a particulary rough week and my friend, Angie sent me this scripture from Zechariah 4:10.  This is my focus for the month...

God is working.

We were in the pediatricians office this week because Ben developed bronchitis.  I love our doctor, he is always so encouraging.  He told me about his cousin who was on numerous, high powered meds like Ben and then eventually got off of them.  He apparently has just finished up his PhD and he said that the kids who went to school with his cousin in junior high would most likely be surprised by his current accomplishments.

His point?  Don't give up. 
The present does not determine the future. 
Especially when God isn't finished working yet.

His faithfulness is never ending. 
I love that his mercies are new every morning. 
"All I have needed His hand has provided..."
"Strength for today and bright HOPE for tomorrow!"

Great is your faithfulness, oh God, my Father...

It may have been a rough week, but it's hard to feel too defeated for long around here - Ben has been singing, "Blessed be the name of the Lord...when the darkness closes in Lord, still I will sing!" on the top of his lungs for the past two days.
Bronchitis and all.

I have a lot to learn from his faith...


  1. Wow! What an encouragement! Love to hear them singing. Praise the Lord for his faithfulness. I love that his mercies are new every morning....

  2. I was just giving thanks to God today for 9 months! Love you all so much. God is at work.