Sunday, November 11, 2012

improvements :)

We just started our last decrease in clonazapam.  In 2 weeks, we will be completely done with one of the meds!!!

Ben had a fantastic week at school! 

I'm thrilled to report that...
  • he didn't take an extra nap at school for the whole week! 
  • He ate his entire lunch in the given time slot a few days. 
  • He didn't ask to sleep on the way to school. 
  • He didn't fall asleep on the way home - we even played outside a few days after school! 
  • He begged us to take his training wheels off of his bike and is doing remarkably well with his attempts to balance a two wheeler.
  • He is eating all of his breakfast again and eats his bedtime snack again too.
  • He took shorter, more reasonable naps this weekend and has had a regular bed time as well. 
We are loving getting to see more and more of our little guy returning to us.  I know with each medication wean things will continue to improve.

We have a date set for his next EEG.  We go on December 17th and I just know that we are going to receive great news!

Thanks for continuing to pray with us.