Wednesday, November 14, 2012

my focus for the month {perseverance}

November 14, 2011 was a day we met with great anticipation and also some dread as we entered the hospital to initiate the ketogenic dietYou can read about those early days here. 

When I think about that day, the word overwhelming is what comes to mind.
I remember thinking that there was no way we'd make it to the three month mark. 
I remember waking up in the morning and for a second I would be fine and then realizing that I had to feed Ben and it felt like a million pounds just fell on top of me. 

I never dreamed that we'd make it through 365 days of this diet. 
It didn't seem possible that Ben would be seizure free and beating this beast. 

But here we are.  We are making it.  We are surviving and life is returning to normal in many ways.  The impossible is becoming the possible. 

My focus this month is perseverance.  Because of His great love and new mercies every day of this past year, we are making it. 

God doesn't waste adversity.  Every moment of heart ache is serving a purpose and I can choose to find joy in the midst of trials because He is working.  He is developing character and instilling hope in me.  He has given us His Holy Spirit to remind us of His love and faithfulness.  We are never alone.

I still have so much to learn...
there are many other areas of my life where I need to apply this same perseverant attitude...
but I'm so thankful that He has never left us - not for a moment.

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