Saturday, November 3, 2012

refried beans {finally}


Leeon's mom makes the most delicious homemade tortillas.  When you mix this with her homemade pinto beans, you have pure goodness.  Bean tacos were Ben's most favorite pre-keto meal. 

I wanted to introduce refried beans to him at the beginning of the diet, but I wasn't confident enough to try to formulate her recipe and the kind that come in the can have additives that aren't the keto friendliest.  I also knew that the kind in the can would taste different.  But the biggest reason I felt the need to hold off was the volume.  He was used to eating his fill and to now only get a tiny portion, I was concerned.

So, with the need to recalculate the meals, I thought I would readjust his taco meal to accommodate some beans.  We had a long talk about the changes that he would see.  I asked him if he would be ok with the fact that he only gets a tiny bit.  He couldn't wait to try them!

It was a great night in our house the other night when we finally got it all worked out.  He simply giggled while looking at the plate.  He couldn't even take a bite for the longest time because he was so excited!  But after they hit his lips, he couldn't stop thanking us and giving hi-fives.  I think he's told everyone he knows that "beans are on my list!"

Now I just need to figure out how to recreate her homemade ones for him.  :)

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