Monday, November 26, 2012

'sugar' cookies {keto style}

These cookies made a BIG difference in our Thanksgiving celebrating.  Mine did not look as great as Dawn's over at ketocook, but they were yummy!

The 'sprinkles' were so easy to make!  I just added one drop of food coloring to 2 tablespoons of truvia, mixed with a small whisk and then shook inside the container until all the little clumps were removed. 

I had a hard time figuring out the math behind adding the frosting to the cookies. The cookies were only a 2.5:1 ratio, but by adding the frosting they were a 3:1. I just had to figure out exactly how much frosting to put on each cookie as well as how many calories were in each. I forgot to weigh the dough before I started cutting the cookies. But I think I got it right, I'm not overly confident. My frosting was a little runny too, so I'm not sure how that plays into the exact fat content. In short, these are special occasion cookies. If they were to become a daily habit, I think my math would have to be a bit more precise. We never saw a decrease in ketones so I think it was pretty close.

{on a side note, we haven't seen a decrease in ketones since lowering his ratio a few weeks ago. I think this means that his body has become accustomed to making ketones. I think this means that in theory as time continues, we could lower his ratio even more and still reap the benefits of a higher ratio. Only time will tell, but a lower ratio is wonderful - we just want to wean meds first.}

I'm so excited that he will get to have this wonderful treat at his class Polar Express Party coming in December.  What a treat that will be to have cookies just like everyone else! 

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