Wednesday, February 20, 2013

a real ice cream cone!

After my ice cream post a few days ago, a reader (Jenn - thank you!) left a comment about using a real ice cream cone! 

She linked me back to Dawn's post at ketocook about a mini ice cream cone and I knew I had to try it!  It is the most perfect addition to the chocolate ice cream.  I needed to lower the ratio so this 5 calorie, 1 carb cone was perfect! 


There was a lot of drama involved in this ice cream cone.  When we first tried it, he still wasn't 100% happy with my ice cream making skills.  But after tasting it with this cone, it is really so much like the real thing!  There were lots of tears and frustration until he finally ate it.  Later he told me that he "just thought it would be bigger".  Once his expectations met reality and he accepted it, he was able to enjoy this snack.

He's had one every day since then.  I'm so thankful that Jenn shared this product and for Dawn who so graciously shares her ideas with us. 

Yeah for ice cream on a cone!

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