Sunday, February 10, 2013

ice cream {keto style}

Ben's class is having an ice cream party for Valentine's Day - this is a perfectly keto friendly opportunity for him to participate. 

Except that my child has refused to ever try ice cream made from cream since the beginning of this diet.  It's such an easy way to get fat into a meal and with added truvia, a drop of vanilla, and a sprinkling of cocoa powder and it's a very sweet little treat. 

I tried three different combinations of the above mentioned ingredients and the last one was definately the best.  It was good and he actually really liked it! 

(Although this is his 'fake smile'. He asked me after he ate it,
"Mom, does it make your heart happy that I liked it?" My little guy is the best.)

But as many things we try around here, one time was enough for this treat.  He has since refused it everytime we made it. 

Christy, over at Nora's special diet has perfected ice cream making.  Apparantly, ice cream needs sugar to maintain it's creamy texture during the freezing process, so you have to get creative when making it without sugar.  I'll have to try her version when I have time to devote to it - it is time intensive, but may prove to be worthwhile in the end for Ben. 

Until then, he'll have to settle for mine. 

For his upcoming party, I think he's going to skip the food portion.  He says he doesn't want to see what the other kids are eating.  We have as part of his 504 plan, that he can have an alternate activity when food is presented in the classroom.  I think we will go this route for this party.  it seems that he has become more aware lately that his food is so very different from others.  I think it is less stressful for him if he's off having fun somewhere instead of being reminded of the challenge set before him. 

{Makes him sound kinda spoiled, huh?  But this is where we are in life right now.  Just trying to figure out every day - one bite at a time.}


  1. Does been like Coconut? And, have you seen the mini "Joy" cones?? My daughter is at a 3.5.1 rato and gets one joy cone (it's real a real cone) sorry i get so excited, and it's cream but little amount, i know ben isn't a fan, and coconut....... that's it!! It's on the KetoCook website also. It's great... But, he likes he ice cream the way it is, so maybe don't rock the boat. lol. Love your blog, gives such hope and strength. Keep up the good work Mama Bear.

  2. Isn't it funny how something will be a big hit, but only once? Nora does that too.