Monday, April 15, 2013

oh happy day!

We invited a few friends and family to help celebrate the end of diet therapy for Ben.  We went to a local buffet and it was so fun to listen to him giggle as we walked around letting him pick out what he wanted to eat.  (He chose rolls and mashed potatoes!)

I don't think Ben stopped smiling the entire evening.  It was a great night of celebration!  We had Ben say something before we started and he proudly announced again to everyone that "my diet is over!"  He is beyond thrilled!  He also thanked everyone for their prayers.  He knows that God answers them!

We all sang, "Happy no more diet day to you!" and he just smiled!  :)

Last week, his stomach was having a really hard time adjusting to normal foods.  But I think we've turned a corner these past two days.  Yeah! 

It's amazing to see the difference in his energy and alertness level.  He wanted to stay in kids church instead of complaining of fatigue and trying to fall asleep on my lap during the morning service.  He's remembering things that have happened days ago and talking about them.  It also appears that he's not constantly thirsty any longer.  He used to wake up numerous times a night completly parched - he'd drink an entire water bottle throughout the middle of the night (despite constantly drinking throughout the day).  We are seeing lots of small differences that really add up to big change. 

We are thankful - to all the other Doose parents reading this, hold on to your hope! 

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  1. SOOO happy for BEN (and his mom & dad too;)! What a joyous day for everyone, your journey will most definitely provide lots of hope and inspiration for others who struggle with Doose! Is it ok for me to link this post to the Keto Hero post you did a while back?