Sunday, June 9, 2013

Kindergarten Celebration

We just had Ben's Kindergarten Celebration the other night.  It was so fun to see him on the stage singing and dancing and looking so grown up. 

He had a little help from his sweet friend, Natalie and also his teacher when it was his turn to introduce himself and announce his future dreams.  He whispered, "My name is Ben and when I grow up, I want to me a lawn mower man."  :)

When I think back about this school year, it is exciting to see how far he's come.

In August, he was on four medications and the ketogenic diet.
He would fall asleep on the way to school and on the way home.
He would beg to fall asleep before 7:00pm on most nights and yet wouldn't stay asleep all night long.
He often took a nap in the nurses' office.
He was in a fog for the whole first semester really - even in the pictures from early in the school year, his eyes tell the story.  They were always half closed.

In June, he is on only two medications and a regular diet - no restrictions.
He has endless energy!
He sleeps all night long (if we get his evening medication in before 7 pm).
He no longer naps.
No more fog for him either - he is always ready for a good time.  :)

I bought ice cream for my class and when I went to put it in the teacher's lounge, I noticed this box.  I used it to store his ketogenic diet pizzas for lunch - I had forgotten all about the box and the pizzas left inside of it.  We were both in shock as we stood there looking at those pizzas.  It was almost surreal.  Ben didn't waste any time 'slam dunking' those pizzas in the trash.  And later that day we celebrated his last kindergarten lunch in my quiet classroom - just him and me, and normal kindergarten food.

This moment feels familiar.  It reminds me of when we celebrated his first birthday.  He grew and changed so much during those first few months of life.  Every day we got to see him do new things and get stronger and stronger.  That's what this year has felt like all over again. 


and to top the night off - he got to eat a real ice cream cone! Yeah, Ben!