Thursday, August 8, 2013

a record breaking kind of month

It's here!
19 months without a seizure! 

We are so close to the beloved 2 year mark and I know we will make it this time for sure!  We've been on the countdown since the summer of 2009 and we are really confident that now that we have broken Ben's all time record, we will surpass it and then some!  :)

We have started the Depakote wean, but we are only a few days into it.  We decided to wean slower than originally anticipated.  This came with a few hiccups because the pill cannot be cut in half since it is formulated for time release.  It doesn't come in a smaller dosage either so we had to switch to use the Depakote sprinkles.  We've never used these before, but I'm glad it is available for kids who can't yet swallow pills.  I break open the capsule and pour half of the sprinkles on a spoon full of ice cream and then he takes a regular Depakote pill, the felbatol, and his vitamin along with it.  The wean will take about 10 weeks instead of the original plan of 6 weeks.  It has given us peace of mind about the wean.  Other than a slight increase in his frustration level, we haven't noticed any side effects to the wean.

In other news, we have added a new member to the family.  We have been blessed with a wonderful dog, named Buddy.  He is a perfect addition and has become a wonderful companion for Ben.  He is so much fun and we have fallen in love with him already. 

Thank you for loving our Ben and for all of the encouragement you have provided on this journey.  It is with hope and great expectations that we enter the month of August and prepare Ben for first grade!   wow! 

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  1. Praise God!! 19 months! We are still so thankful... EVERYDAY...for Ben's health and God's faithfulness! Love you all!!