Sunday, August 10, 2014

first day jitters

Summer is coming to a close and Leeon and I have been working in our classrooms in preparations for school. The first day is in two short weeks. But Ben thinks he is just not ready. No one wants to give up the freedom that summer brings, but he seems to be really digging his heels in about school.

His reaction to the mere mention of school is met with either frustration and anger or tears.  His anxiety has heightened to the point that we even reintroduced his Prevacid prescription that he took towards the end of school for stomach issues.

We've had quite a few conversations about why he's so upset and he's mentioned that he is worried about a particular student bothering him. He has never talked about this student negatively before which is frustrating because there is little I can do now to help him.  The other thing he mentioned was the thought of kids making fun of his glasses. So we've talked through how to handle each situation.

We also talked about how God is our shield and will be with him every day at school.  He asked, "What if Jesus forgets to be my shield?".  I told him that is what makes Jesus so wonderful. He knows us by name. Numbers the hairs on our head. Collects our tears. Promises to never leave us.  He can't forget.

We are going to memorize Psalm 56:3. "When I am afraid, I will trust in you."

We are praying for God to give Ben peace and courage for second grade.

We are trying some positive incentives as well. He wants an iTunes gift card, so I told him that he needs to say something positive about school every day. So far, we have three things on the list. Can you guess what they are?  :)   Recess, lunch, and P.E.  Typical boy, right?

I hope and pray this this year is a great one for him. I can't believe he's headed to 2nd grade. Seems so grown up already.

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