Epilepsy Monitoring Unit

We went to the EMU for the first time in August. 

Ben had two grand mal seizures before we even got to the hospital.  While we were answering the intake questions, he had another one.  They quickly got him hooked up to the video EEG to begin to capture the seizure activity.

The hook up process was excruciating.  They had to use a stronger glue because of the length of time he would be there (compared to the short 45 minute EEG's we were used to).  To help the glue dry quickly, they used this little air gun that terrified Ben.  He even had a seizure while they were hooking him up. 

The second time we stayed in the EMU was almost exactly a month later and he handled everything much better.  We stayed longer that time, but the results were the same.  They were able to catch good pictures of the seizures, but there were no answers. 

Here's a slideshow of our stays:

We ended up back in the EMU in November to start the ketogenic diet.

We were also admitted again on Christmas because of increased seizure activity.

That makes a total of 4 admissions from August - December.

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