What does Doose look like? {video footage}

There are many types of seizures.

Before we started on this journey, I was only aware of two.

I watched a classmate have a 'grand mal' seizure in high school.

I had heard that sometimes when people appear to be daydreaming, it could be a seizure (absence seizures).

Ben has 3 different types of seizures.

Tonic clonic: used to be referred to as 'grand mal'; lots of convulsions; most often he completely stops breathing; usually sleeps for at least an hour after each one

Myoclonic: his arms jerk upward around his face; if he's holding something, he drops it; will often make him fall backwards

Atonic or Drop: sometimes it is slight - his head will just drop forward; will cause him to fall forward;

Here's a link to read more about seizure types if you are interested: types of seizures

This is a difficult video to watch, but it really helps you understand what Doose looks like. This is Lauren. You can read about her here.

*warning: this video does contain footage of seizures

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  1. My goodness. May God bless all of you.